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Toolbox Balk

Ah, the dreaded toolbox talk. Its goal is to inform work crews of safety related issues or events pertaining to the job site. More importantly, it is designed to start the employees’ day with a focus on safety. Occasionally, it only seems to succeed in causing anxiety and heartburn for field safety and site supervision. The common complaint is that, when performed daily, toolbox talks can become stale. During my last field safety role, I (like so many others) had to present a prepared toolbox talk six days a week.… Read more Toolbox Balk

What is a “Safety Nerd”?

Odd name for a website, I know. It was my wife who came up with it. I don’t mean she named my blog directly, I mean she calls me a safety nerd. So… what is a safety nerd? Does that mean I walk around with a bicycle helmet and bubble wrap pants? No, of course not. Not in public anyway. A long time ago, I was the guy you would see in your neighborhood using a weed eater while wearing shorts and flip-flops. No eye protection, hearing protection or any… Read more What is a “Safety Nerd”?